Medium-voltage Direct Supply System

Data centers are evolving towards high-density, large-scale and intelligence, making weaknesses in power supply systems increasingly evident. Based on its rich experience in PV and energy storage, SOFAR SOLAR independently developed a 10 kV AC to 240 V/336 VDC medium-voltage DC power supply system featuring high integration, high efficiency and energy savings, safety and reliability, a small footprint, and prefabrication, which effectively reduce the construction costs and energy consumption of data centers and shorten the construction cycle.

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    Safe and reliable

    Wide input voltage, low flux density, and enhanced insulation design guarantee the safe and reliable operation of the system.
    The module adopts an innovative design for power supply thermal management to optimize layout and extend the module service life.
    Monitor the temperature at every link of the system and receive quick warnings.

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    Simplified and fast

    With high capacity and a compact design, the system is characterized by a small footprint.
    Prefabrication in the workshop effectively reduces assembly workload.
    Short lead times and quick installation.

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    Green and efficient

    Simplified architecture, optimized rectifier module topology, and a system efficiency of up to 98%.
    The rectifier module uses a multi-input & multi-output matrix function that is free of current sharing errors or droop errors.
    New energy systems such as PV and energy storage can be connected when necessary.

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    Intelligent maintenance

    An AI algorithm and intelligent analysis are used to effectively improve system efficiency and warning capability.
    The system is modularly designed for easy maintenance and replacement.
    Compatible with lead-acid and lithium batteries.



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时间:2018 案例地点:广西百色 装机容量:7MW/23.5MWh