High-voltage DC Power Supply

As an important support for next-gen information infrastructure, the data center plays an important role in driving and leading growth. With the growing demand for DC power supply in data centers, SOFAR SOLAR, integrating years of accumulated experience in developing PV and energy storage, launched its independently developed 240 V/336 V HVDC power supply system.
The independently developed 15 kW/30 kW rectifier module features high efficiency, safety and reliability, and ease of maintenance, and is also environmentally friendly.

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    Easy Maintenance

    The system is designed in such a way that operators can perform maintenance in the front, make connections in the rear, and route cables on the top and bottom flexibly.
    The touchscreen provides an intuitive user-friendly interface to facilitate operations.
    Its simplified structure allows for rapid capacity expansion.

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    Safe and Reliable

    The rapid and accurate insulation test scheme monitors the insulation performance of DC buses and DC branches.
    The walk-in function suppresses the impact current during power-on.
    Intelligent battery management provides multiple protections for the battery and extends service life.

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    Green and Efficient

    The rectifier module uses a new topology and is digitally controlled with an operating efficiency ≥ 96% and unbalanced current sharing < 1%.
    The hibernating, energy-saving technology ensures the system is highly efficient, saving energy and protecting the environment friendly under operating conditions.
    New energy systems such as PV and energy storage can be connected when necessary.



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时间:2018 案例地点:广西百色 装机容量:7MW/23.5MWh