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    Low cost

    Hybrid air-liquid temperature control, reducing auxiliary power consumption
    Non-walk-in bifold door, improving the energy density of the container space and saving footprint
    Rack control solution, allowing mixing or separate deployment of new and old batteries and reducing LCOS by 20%

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    Efficient and flexible

    Highly efficient hybrid air-liquid temperature control, strictly controlling the temperature and humidity inside the container and improving both battery service life and the discharge capacity of the system
    Intelligent rack management, reducing the bucket effect of the battery rack and improving discharge capacity
    Pre-fabricated design, facilitating transport and eliminating battery installation work
    Cabinet consolidation, allowing flexible configuration in the station

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    Safe and reliable

    Intelligent monitoring of cell health, warning of unhealthy cells
    IP55 protection rating, meeting outdoor application needs
    C5 corrosion prevention, for 20 years of reliable operation
    Isolated electrical compartment and battery compartment, preventing the spread of thermal runaway

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    Intelligent and stable

    SOC high-precision balancing, requiring no manual intervention on power-off
    Intelligent refilling, reducing manual intervention
    Online intelligent monitoring, reducing patrol

  • Data center energy storage solution
  • Residential PV system solution
  • Residential storage system solution
  • Utility PV system solution
  • Commercial and industrial PV system solution
  • Commercial and industrial storage system solution

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