Monitoring platform

Internet-based power plant monitoring platform, featuring equipment status monitoring, equipment operation and management, historical data analysis, equipment fault alarms, and power plant revenue calculation functionality. 

Applications: household energy storage and industrial and commercial energy storage

Recommend Products

  • Multiple inverters are connected in parallel to monitor the grid-connection situation in real time, and the output power of the inverter can be adjusted in real time to meet the maximum demand of the user, so as to realize the feed-in limitation function.
  • Connects to the inverter to form a connection between the inverter and the Internet, and it is monitored by Sofar Monitor platform.
  • Access and management platform for equipment and software platforms in the Internet environment. Equipment types can be continuously expanded to provide an access base for a diverse power plant.
  • C&I Storage System
  • Residential Storage System
  • Utility PV System

Monitoring Solutions


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