Number of DC inputs: 6/8

Max. input MPPT current: 40A

  • Compatible with high-power bifacial modules

  • Max. efficiency of up to 98.6%

  • Max. DC voltage of 1100 V

  • Low starting voltage, wide operating voltage range

  • 1.5x DC overload capacity, 110% long-term overload capacity


25~50KTLX-G3 is a photovoltaic grid-connected inverter designed for household and small industrial and commercial scenarios. In addition to the common monitoring and protection functions with other inverters, it is equipped with the AFCI self-developed anti-pull inverter of Shouhang. The arc function, by identifying the arc fault signal in the circuit, gives an early warning when an arc fault or short circuit occurs, and disconnects the inverter before causing a fire, so as to better protect the customer's property safety.