Energy Storage Cabinet

Modular design, flexible system expansion

Grid-on/off auto-switch

Electrical cables and liquid pipes separated design

3 Level FSS+ Flammable gas emission & Explosion vents

Liquid cooling + Anti-condensation design

Multi-function EMS integrated


SOFAR Energy Storage Cabinet adopts a modular design and supports flexible expansion of AC and DC capacity; the maximum parallel power of 6 cabinets on the AC side covers 215kW-1290kW; the capacity of 3 battery cabinets can be added on the DC side, and the capacity expansion covers 2-8 hours.It also supports automatic and off-grid switching to achieve efficient and flexible applications. Safety designs such as water and electricity separation, three-level fire protection + explosion venting + exhaust, liquid cooling + dehumidification design, all ensure the safety of the energy storage system.The integrated EMS function enables intelligent monitoring and quick response off-grid. The overall system is easy to maintain and install, allowing for easy operation and maintenance.



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