Uniform Flow Liquid-Cooled + Intelligent Air Cooled.

Better temperature uniformity, the temperature  difference of cells in the battery pack is <2.5°C.

Anti-Condensation Design Combined Design: The 40-foot combination scheme  reduces the flfloor area by more than 30%. 

Three-level linkage of cell-level gas fifire protection +  cabin-level gas fifire protection + water fifire protection Combustible Gas Emission + Explosion Venting Design.

Prevent secondary re-ignition in the battery  compartment.

Ultimate Safety Design.


SOFAR BESS adopts the industry's first co-flow liquid cooling + intelligent air-cooling heat dissipation design, which can reduce heat dissipation loss by more than 30%. The temperature uniformity is better, and the measured temperature difference of the battery core is less than 2.5℃, which increases the battery life by 14%. Compatible with 320Ah large battery cell design, the energy density is higher, and the capacity of a single cell can be expanded to 3.93MWh, which can significantly reduce the initial investment cost and the whole life cycle cost of electricity. The 40-foot assembly solution reduces the floor space by more than 30%. At the system level, a three-level linkage of cell-level gas firefighting + cabin-level gas firefighting + water firefighting, as well as a "3+2" safety system protection strategy of combustible gas emission + explosion vent design are adopted to fully ensure the safety of the energy storage system.