Air-Liquid Mixing Cooling

Liquid cooling with uniform flow of coolant + Smart air cooling

Modular Design

Minimal operation and maintenance

One rack for one management

Automatic coordination control, to ensure full power operation of PCS

Suitable for Large Cells

Higher Energy Density 3.93MWh

3+2 Security System

Cell-Level Fire Extinguishing Gas Technique +

Cabin-Level Fire Extinguishing Gas Technique +

Water Firefighting Three-Level Linkage

Combustible Gas Emission + Explosion Venting Design

Combined Design

A 40-foot Combined scheme can be used to reduce the floor space by more than 30%.

High Conversion Efficiency in the Full Power Range

Smart coordination strategy to ensure high efficiency performance of PCS full power-range


Utility ESS Solution -PowerMaster is an integrated solution created by SOFAR through full-stack self-research and integrating power electronics, electrochemistry and power grid technology. It consists of PCS, booster integrated machine and BESS. It has features such as Less LCOS, Efficient & Flexible, Ultimate Safety, and Smart Management.