5 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 15 / 20 kW

Three-phase,Dual MPPT

Max. charging and discharging current: 50A

Dual MPPT input, more flexible configuration

Supports multiple working modes to meet different application scenarios

UPS function to ensure stable operation of critical loads

Supports three-phase unbalanced output in AC side 

Up to 2*25A charge/discharge current


HYD 5~20KTL-3PH series three-phase hybrid inverter is widely used in residential energy storage, small-scale C&I energy storage scenarios. The maximum efficiency can reach 98.2%. It has dual-channel MPPT tracking and configuration More flexible; the AC side supports three-phase unbalanced output; the maximum charge and discharge current can reach 2*25A; it has UPS function to ensure the stable operation of key loads; it supports multiple working modes to meet the needs of diverse scenarios.


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