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SOFAR 100-125KTLX-G4 PV inverter

Optimized for C&I and small-scale utility solar, SOFAR 100-125KTL-G4 inverter features the integration of industry leading ultra-high current, easy installation and intelligent protection. 

The product characterizes 10*40A multiple MPPTs plus ultra-high current, perfectly compatible with high power modules and various roof designs, significantly ensuring lower LCOE and higher yields. Weighing less than 75kg, the inverter is easy to install without extra labor costs. Meanwhile, the cloud monitoring platform makes it possible for hassle-free O&M. The inverter is also available for AFCI and I-V curve scanning, and has IP66 overall protection along with C5 anti-corrosion.


  • 1

    High-efficiency power generation

    Multiple MPPTs,
    supporting multi-orientation mixing of string inverters
    High current input,
    compatible with 600Wp+ PV modules
    Low starting voltage,
    wide operating voltage range
    Support 110% AC overload output

  • 2

    Intelligent and easy to use

    Support multiple communication modes, including RS485, Wi-Fi
    Remote software upgrade and parameter setting
    Real-time plant state monitoring, easy O&M

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    Safe and reliable

    IP65 protection
    Built-in AC/DC lightning protection

  • LATAM Projects

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  • Hubei China - 1.3MW - SOFAR 110kW inverter

  • Binh Duong province, Vietnam-1MW

  • Rizhao Haipai Group, China - 5 MW

  • Sanmenxia, Henan Province, China - 2.6 MW

  • Jingzhou Baima Power Supply Station - 30 kW photovoltaic and 100 kWh energy storage

  • Brazil -1MW

  • Netherlands - 500kW

  • Photovoltaic agriculture projects in Korea - 10 MW

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