SOFARSOLAR Products Attracts Wide Interests on SOLAR PAKISTAN 2022

2023/01/01 Source:SOFAR

The 10th SOLAR PAKISTAN is taking place in the Expo Centre Lahore on 26-28th March 2022. As a large and professional solar energy exhibition, this annual event brings together the most leading technologies and solutions in the field of solar energy and attracts a lot of companies and professionals. The Expo brings together the most advanced technologies and solutions in solar energy.

SOFARSOLAR brought the latest PV inverters and energy storage systems, discussing the most advanced technology and development in photovoltaic field with many experts present.


Pakistan government seeks to increase the share of renewable energy in its electricity generation to 30% by 2030. WWEA(world Wind Energy Association)has made the announcement that the proposal aims to raise the share of wind, solar, small hydro and biomass plants from the current 4% by increasing their output. 

SOFARSOLAR actively supports the PV market in Pakistan and is committed to providing the solar and energy storage solutions, serving diverse customers with different scale requirements around the world, covering household, C&I, and utility.


AC storage hybrid solution setting a new benchmark for integrating smart energy + storage

SOFARSOLAR’s energy storage products can flexibly adapt to different types of power grid needs. The single-phase energy storage products HYD 3K-6K-EP series and three-phase HYD 5-20KTL-3PH series, as the core of AC storage and charging system solution, have built-in smart power grid management function and UPS function to ensure the stable operation of critical load with the advantages of high efficiency, safety and stability. Another core product, GTX series lithium battery, compatible with multi-brand storage inverters, remote fault diagnosis, cycle life up to 6000 times, easy installation, saving time and cost.

Full line of grid-tied inverters catering for a variety of market demands

SOFARSOLAR grid-tied inverter series products, from 1.1kW to 255kW, have high protection level, smart monitoring system, high efficiency and safety, and a wide range of applications to meet a variety of household, industrial and commercial needs.

SOFARSOLAR will stick to contribute to the goal of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral" through technology and innovation. The company is taking concrete steps to foster green and low-carbon development as it embarks on a path toward a green future.


SOFARSOLAR, founded in 2013, is a world leading PV inverter enterprise specializing in providing solar inverters, EV charging, energy storage system solutions. SOFARSOLAR builds competitive advantages in high-quality products and diversified services in the global market with a strong R&D team of 300 professionals and three scientific research centers. A customer-centered marketing service system has been established with solutions are provided in more than 80 countries and areas worldwide. Learn more about SOFARSOLAR on


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