SOFARSOLAR Appears in Green Energy Expo-PV Korea 2022 EXCO

2023/01/01 Source:SOFAR

On April 13th, the 19th International Green Energy Expo-PV Korea 2022 EXCO opened in Daegu, Korea. This three-day event has brought overseas new energy enterprises and experts from all over the world to Asia to share global solar market strategies and discuss the development direction of low carbon economy.

As one of the energy-deficient countries, Korea has poor natural resources and low exploitation rate. The government focuses on developing renewable energy. With the implementation of its "2030 Renewable Energy Plan", it plans to increase the proportion of renewable energy from 7% to 20% by 2030, increasing the generation capacity of new energy to 48.7GW, and increase the annual installation capacity of photovoltaic market from 3GW to 5GW.


SOFARSOLAR brings the green energy solutions which are applicable to all scenarios for this exhibition, such as 1.1kW to 3.3kW residential inverter, 25kW to 50kW industrial and commercial inverter, 75KW-255KW high-power grid-connected inverter, HYD series 3kW to 20kW energy storage system, GTX series energy storage battery and so on.

Residential, commercial and industrial photovoltaic grid inverter series | high protection, intelligent management, convenient installation.

HYD storage series | intelligent management, UPS function to ensure stable operation of critical load, efficient operations, security and stability with full solutions.

GTX series lithium battery, compatible with multi-brand storage inverters, remote diagnosis and real-time data monitoring, cycle life up to 6000 times, easy installation, saving time and cost.


By 2022, carbon neutrality has become a global consensus, pointing the way forward for high-quality energy development. To achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, SOFARSOLAR will be committed to building a new power system with new energy as the main body, and contributing to the acceleration of the global energy transition to clean energy.


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