SOFARSOLAR Newly Launched Residential ESS Secured 350MW Order at Intersolar EU 2022

2023/01/03 Source:SOFAR

On May 12, at Intersolar EU, SOFARSOLAR, the world leading solar technology company,  presented its latest comprehensive portfolio for PV & ESS and brand new intelligent residential energy storage system - SOFAR PowerAll. Notably, SOFAR PowerAll has secured 350MW new order with Triplesolar and Kdisolar.

SOFAR PowerAll, the "one-stop" intelligent residential energy storage system, seeks to realize high compatibility with all components and features high safety, unparalleled efficiency and easy installation. Compatible with SOFAR HYD 20KTL-3PH - the world’s most powerful residential hybrid inverter, this solar & energy storage solution will achieve cost-saving and maximize efficiency, making it an ideal choice for European households.


At the show, a variety of SOFARSOLAR products had been exhibited aiming at addressing diversified applications ranging from residential solar, C&I solar to energy storage systems and utility-scale PV system.

In 2021, over 210,000 units, equals to 1.6 GW of SOFARSOLAR inverters had shipped to Europe. The core value of higher efficiency, intelligent O&M and safe & reliable is widely recognized by local customers.


" SOFARSOLAR is a leading player in the string inverter and energy storage market and will continue to work with like-minded partners and customers in the renewable energy industry to make green power supply more sustainable, reliable, accessible and profitable" said Guy Rong, Vice President of SOFARSOLAR.


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