SOFARSOLAR new generation PV and energy storage solution released in Australia

2023/01/03 Source:SOFAR

4th July, 2022. SOFARSOLAR, a global leading supplier of solar PV and energy storage solutions announced that its residential hybrid inverters HYD 5K~20KTL-3PH, HYD 3~6 kW series had launched in Australia market. Meanwhile, PV inverters that already launched has been updated to new generation——G3 series. These products, approved by Australia’s Clean Energy Council (CEC) for installation under the Renewable Energy Certificate scheme, are available at SOFARSOLAR’s warehouses in states NSW, VIC, QLD and W.A. In combination with its batteries, the GTX3000 and GTX5000, SOFARSOLAR’s solar-plus-storage solutions can now be deployed to provide clean energy for Australian families.


The new generation, 3~10.5 kW single-phase inverters, 3.3~12 kW and 15~24 kW three-phase inverters, are compatible for large format PV modules that exceed the requirements of AS/NZS 5033:2021. With a natural convection cooling system and multi-MPPT design, the new generation PV inverters, not only maximizes the energy harvest, but also offers optimal design flexibility for complex rooftops.

The single-phase hybrid system consists of HYD 3~6 kW series plus GTX5000. It has a power range from 3 to 6 kW and battery capacity from 5 to 20 kWh, and is therefore able to meet all different needs of homeowners. With a UPS-level emergency power supply function and switching time of less than 10 ms, users are able to keep some essential devices in operation even during a blackout.


The three-phase hybrid system embodies a HYD 5K~20KTL-3PH plus GTX3000 with a battery capacity that can be flexibly configurated up to 180 kWh. Through data synchronization between the app and cloud, in combination with timely support from SOFARSOLAR’s expert service team, the user has access to real-time monitoring and user-friendly O&M.


The newly approved solutions highlight SOFARSOLAR’s ever-expanding presence in Australia’s energy market. The combination of both its solar and energy storage solutions demonstrate the company’s ambition to meet all different requirements of local households. Nearly a third of all Australian households already have a solar system on their roof, which marks the country’s focus on harnessing green energy sources.


“The release of G3 series inverters and solar-plus-storage solution is a significant landmark for SOFARSOLAR. Our company not only dedicates itself to improving household energy storage technology, we are always moving forward and innovating, to provide cost-effective energy solutions for all the users”, said Mr. Dong Bo, Head of SOFARSOLAR APAC Region.


SOFARSOLAR is a global leading supplier of solar PV and energy storage solutions with a comprehensive portfolio including PV inverters range from 1 kW to 255 kW, hybrid inverters range from 3 kW to 20 kW, battery storage system and smart energy management solutions for residential, commercial & industrial, and utility-scale applications. SOFARSOLAR has always insisted on independent innovation, established a global R&D network with three R&D centers and over 30% of its workforce assigned to R&D. As the world's fastest-growing solar energy brand, SOFARSOLAR compound annual growth rate reaches 86% and its annual production capacity reaches 10 GW for PV & storage inverters and 1GWh for batteries. By the end of 2021, SOFARSOLAR had shipped over 1 million inverters to more than 90 countries. Learn more about SOFARSOLAR by visiting:


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