SOFARSOLAR presents latest residential and C&I product innovations at Future Energy Show Vietnam 2022

2023/01/03 Source:SOFAR

13–14 July 2022 — SOFARSOLAR, the global leading supplier of solar PV and energy storage solutions, showcased its next-generation PV and hybrid inverters for residential and C&I applications during the Future Energy Show Vietnam 2022 in Adora Center, Ho Chi Minh City. A special highlight was the unveiling of the company’s new integrated solar storage system, the SOFAR PowerAll.

The SOFAR PowerAll has an integrated PCU, which can independently adjust the output voltage and current, and automatically balance the capacities between battery packs according to the battery modules’ SOC. The intelligent residential storage system features a fully modular design, and its wide power range enables flexible configurations for different rooftops, making it a perfect fit for Vietnam’s solar & storage market.

SOFARSOLAR’s latest products are tailored to various solar PV scenarios, including its 3.3–12kW and 25–50kW three-phase inverters, which are compatible with large-format PV modules and the multi-MPPT design maximizes the energy harvest, so as to increase the user’s energy self-sufficiency. The three-phase hybrid inverter series HYD 5K–20KTL-3PH come with an extensive choice of operational modes for optimal performance. In combination with the HV battery series GTX3000, the battery capacity can be flexibly configured up to 4 units parallel operation and 10 batteries in series. The battery system’s stacked design furthermore saves installation time and costs.

Vietnam shows a fast-growing demand for renewable energy and had installed more than 101,939 rooftop solar systems with a total installed capacity of over 9.4 GW as of January 4, 2021. The Vietnamese government now focuses on upgrading the infrastructure to secure the development of new energy projects.  “SOFARSOLAR’s innovative solutions provide economical and efficient energy systems for all solar-plus-storage scenarios, further reducing the financial burden on Vietnamese investors in PV solar and energy storage systems”, said Mr. Dong Bo, Head of SOFARSOLAR APAC Region.


SOFARSOLAR is a global leading supplier of solar PV and energy storage solutions with a comprehensive portfolio including PV inverters range from 1 kW to 255 kW, hybrid inverters range from 3 kW to 20 kW, battery storage system and smart energy management solutions for residential, commercial & industrial, and utility-scale applications. SOFARSOLAR has always insisted on independent innovation, and now features a global R&D network consisting of three R&D centers, with over 30% of the company’s workforce assigned to R&D. As the world's fastest-growing solar energy brand, SOFARSOLAR compound annual growth rate reached 86% by 2019-2021 and its annual production capacity reaches 10 GW for PV & storage inverters and 1 GWh for batteries in 2021. By the end of 2021, SOFARSOLAR had shipped over 1 million inverters to more than 90 countries. Learn more about SOFARSOLAR by visiting:


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